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Initial Information For Homeowners

General Overview

  1. This process may be the first step in finding the endgame solution you are looking for.
  2. It may be the only opportunity to confront, identify and solve your problem.
  3. The decision to act and participate is yours alone.
  4. It has been five years since the US housing market began its nationwide collapse.
  5. It has been three years since banks received their first bailout of $700 Billion. There have been Billions more in bailouts and subsidies doled out since then.
  6. The last three years have been dominated by foreclosures, robo-signers, decreasing property values, upside down mortgages and the sense of general lawlessness regarding the actions of banks.
  7. NOTHING of substance has changed about the way banks behave since the mortgage debacle first began.
  8. Banks are still winning and homeowners are still losing in the majority.
  9. The odds of achieving success in fighting this battle alone are minimal to non-existent.
  10. If you are, in any way, similar to the overwhelming majority of homeowners going down this road alone, within a short period of time, your fight will be over and you will have lost.
  11. For many, it will have cost them their life savings, retirement and home. Still, you will have lost.
  12. It is not because you are wrong.
  13. It is not because you are a bad person.
  14. It is not because you are not smart enough or because you haven’t made yourself ill trying to remedy the problem.
  15. It is because the entire system was rigged from the start. It was rigged against YOU!
  16. It is our opinion, after four (4) years of research, that the involvement of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) in your mortgage transaction has broken the chain of title on your home mortgage.
  17. Previously, you haven’t had viable options to substantively attack the problem.
  18. That is no longer the case.
  19. You likely haven’t previously known, for the last four (4) years, a group of legal and strategic professionals were preparing to wage legal battles.
  20. All involved in the process have decades of business and legal experience with substantial track records of winning.
  21. Gathering evidence, evaluating fraudulent acts, building an all-encompassing template fraud case and developing the system that would make it possible for the average homeowner to fight back and have a substantial chance of winning in a significant way has taken much time and money.
  22. Untold hours of research, major case analysis, review of thousands of documents and strategic and tactical planning has led to the conclusion that this fight can be won.
  23. The biggest obstacle to homeowners was, not just that the fight was difficult, but that entry to the Court system was effectively barred due to its prohibitive cost.
  24. The planners understood that in most all instances examined, the typical class action and group type cases had severe limitations on the awards flowing to actual homeowners while millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars were being directed to Attorney General State Funds or certain legal firms.
  25. This process was developed to give homeowners the ability to engage in a powerful legal case with the standing needed to be able to participate and win without spending the tens of thousands of dollars in cash that such cases normally cost and without foregoing the awards rightfully due them because of the abuse committed by corrupt institutions.
  26. Process Overview

  27. If interested, you may take steps to become educated and involved.
  28. The process is complete and has been implemented with the filing of the "Instant Case."
  29. There is no up-front cost to homeowners accepted into any subsequent case.
  30. The homeowner, by contract, receives 50% of net proceeds awarded.
  31. If accepted for admission to the process, the homeowner executes an engagement contract directly with counsel’s law firm.
  32. The homeowner executes a contract with the Company in its role as the pre-litigation preparation and analysis entity.
  33. The contract with the Company is executed upon the homeowner’s acceptance into the Participation Phase of the process.
  34. The contract with counsel’s law firm is executed by the homeowner after the homeowner’s file analysis and workup is completed, has been accepted and the homeowner has decided to participate in a subsequent case.
  35. The Company follows the practice of full disclosure to those homeowners involved.
  36. Analysis and case workup functions are conducted internally by the Company.
  37. Homeowners are first educated and then thoughtfully and methodically lead through the case workup phase of the process to insure that all necessary documentation is obtained.
  38. The Company is not a partner, associate, stockholder or principle of the law firm of any counsel.
  39. The Company do not share fees with any law firm of any Counsel.
  40. The homeowner is responsible for providing all required and necessary documents pertaining to the mortgage in question.
  41. During the analysis process, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide necessary documentation regarding the mortgage in question to the Company.
  42. All documents submitted to the Company by the homeowner are treated as confidential excepting that all documents submitted will be provided to counsel as required.
  43. In the event the homeowner is non-responsive to Company requests for information or documentation, the Company may terminate the involvement of the homeowner.
  44. The homeowner must realize that one of the most important issues contributing to the successful prosecution of any legal action is the completeness, integrity, viability and credibility of the facts that, when vetted, become evidence in court.
  45. The process is not a game. Any homeowner who does not follow through on the very few obligations required, can become a detriment to others in the action and will not be allowed to participate to the detriment of all others.
  46. Nothing is perfect, but all parties involved must strive to achieve perfection. In instances where Company judgment is dictated, that judgment will be exercised fairly and conservatively.
  47. Until the homeowner is approved and executes the engagement contract with counsel’s law firm, the Company maintains the sole determination authority regarding the approval or disapproval for participation by the homeowner in a subsequent case.
  48. If a homeowner is not approved for participation, all documents submitted by the homeowner to the Company are returned and no copies, in any form, are kept.
  49. If a homeowner is approved for participation, the procedure governing the holding and maintenance of homeowner documents by counsel’s law firm is stipulated by law.
  50. Once a complaint is filed, a web site, specific to that complaint, is established for the expressed use of homeowners participating in that complaint. All actions, notices, updates and status reports are posted on this web site. Participating homeowners are given private access codes and may check the website at any and all times convenient to them.
  51. Communication procedures with counsel are established between counsel and the homeowner.
  52. Communication with the Company should, to the maximum extent possible, be by email sent to: mortgageendgame2@yahoo.com
  53. The most difficult and time consuming part of the process is experienced by the Company at the outset. The Company has the responsibility of determining the viability of participation by any homeowner. The homeowner must be sensitive, attentive and responsive to requests for information made by the Company.
  54. The process, by its nature, is competitive and is intended to succeed. Those desiring participation approval should put their best foot forward.
  55. Time is of the essence with regard to the filing of complaints. The Company strives diligently to produce the highest quality results in the shortest time possible.
  56. This Process Overview is a summary of the main points of interest. Additional questions will be gladly answered.
  57. The Complaint

  58. Damages requested may include actual, treble, punitive, special, exemplary, injunctive relief, declaratory judgment and the reimbursement of legal fees. Each complaint may vary slightly due to the facts and evidence pertaining thereto and all decisions determining damage claims to be asserted are the authority of counsel.
  59. Jury trials are stipulated.
  60. Where appropriate, necessary, feasible and possible, expert witnesses are used to the maximum extent required. The decision to utilize expert witnesses is made by counsel.
  61. There are three possible outcomes: lose outright, settlement prior to jury decision or outright win pursuant to a jury decision.
  62. All court matters pertaining to a filed complaint are public record.
  63. The requirement for testimony by any participating homeowner is the decision of counsel and is determined by what would be in the best interest of a specific case.
  64. Homeowner Cautions

  65. Although sometimes uncomfortable, homeowners must at all times be totally open and honest with the Company.
  66. If a homeowner thinks that negative information exists, that information must be disclosed to the Company as soon as possible.
  67. The homeowner should never underestimate the degree to which the process depends on his/her/their honesty and follow through.
  68. Success depends upon each party doing their part for the benefit of both themselves and all others involved. The process is a team effort.
  69. It is unwise to underestimate the effort it takes to assemble the facts that become evidence.
  70. Until a complaint is filed, the homeowner should include thought about the process into their daily lives.
  71. The process is serious business. All involved should be aware of that reality and react accordingly.
  72. Lessons Learned

  73. Over the last four (4) years, the following represent some of the lessons learned by the Company.
  74. The crisis has been caused primarily because of fraud first and statutory violations next.
  75. Most counsel do not possess the experience or capability to entertain or be successful in this arena of fraud.
  76. Highly experienced counsel specializing in fraud with long distinguished records of success are unbelievably rare and even more difficult to locate and engage.
  77. Many counsel, it seems, realize they can’t have much effect but are willing to consume fees from people in distress.
  78. The only true endgame solution occurs when the jury renders its verdict. This is the only cure to a broken chain of title and the only redress against the fraud that broke that chain.
  79. Developing and proving habitual and fraudulent habit patterns by unscrupulous banks is superior in import to most other issues.
  80. Proving fraud and collusion are key goals and requires the type of evidence developed and collected by the Company.
  81. Minor fines offered by RESPA, TILA etc. are not of interest.
  82. The average homeowner, through no fault of his own, has no understanding of the true nature of how seriously they have been defrauded.
  83. The average homeowner in this country today is in desperate need of true education to be able to understand why they find themselves in the mortgage problem they are in.
  84. Most services being offered to distressed homeowners represent incomplete, misdirected, inaccurate partial solutions to some undefined and unspecified problem.
  85. Numerous people offering such services formerly were mortgage or real estate sales people or brokers who were left without a job after the bottom fell out. One may draw their own conclusion about this phenomenon.
  86. Many homeowners have all but exhausted their savings and liquidity. One would think those in that situation should want to exert the effort to help themselves out of the dire conditions they find themselves in, but, frankly, they don’t know how or where to start.
  87. The confusion and desperation generated by the massive control fraud in their mortgages has caused homeowners to lose their self respect and the courage to seek out the abusive guilty party to right the wrong.
  88. It’s extremely important for homeowners to understand the importance of "Due Process" and the "Rule of Law."
  89. The Company has interviewed hundreds of people over the last three years. It has been awe inspiring to witness the number of people in such desperate situations that they have simply walked to their financial doom because they didn’t know where to go or what to do next.
  90. When people of courage and tenacity join together to achieve a common goal, the results can be outstanding. Character and courage are the pre-requisites.
  91. The Company is quite scrutinizing of peoples representations. Even in light of disclosures regarding the requirement for honesty and follow through, some people still have a difficult time in confronting the truth.
  92. It seems that a predominant majority of homeowners in our country do not realize the damage done to those, through fraud on a continuing basis, who have spent huge sums of money paying their supposed lenders for a loan modification that never happens prior to the foreclosure of their home.
  93. Most importantly, the Company is only willing to work with those people who have courage, a desire to work for their own interests and those having a tireless ` work ethic.
  94. Company Contact

  95. To the maximum extent possible, communication should be directed via email to: mortgageendgame2@yahoo.com.
  96. The Company will individually supervise, inform and guide each homeowner through the process from start to complaint.
  97. Full disclosure of required information, as previously addressed, will take place after each homeowner is well into the Education Phase of the process.
  98. Homeowner Obligations

  99. No homeowner obligations exist until the homeowner applicant is accepted for participation and elects to execute the necessary contracts. These contracts are given to each homeowner early in the process such that the homeowner has ample time to read, ask questions and understand these documents.
  100. The Company humbly requests all comments from each homeowner. These comments will help to improve the process for all involved and there is no pride of authorship or ego held by any individual involved with the Company. More good brains working constructively on a task are always more helpful than fewer brains.
  101. Because the Company is sensitive to the financial distress being experienced by many people at this time, the Company strives to keep its costs to operate as absolutely low as possible. Efficiency is the key to cost control. One way to be efficient is for all involved to use email communication to the maximum extent possible. The website allows large volumes of information to be disseminated to many people very efficiently in a short period of time at almost no cost. All benefit from this process. These cases are endurance runs and there is no reason for anyone to be nervous that anything has to be "done yesterday." The Company has exerted much effort to insure that all involved receive pertinent information in a timely manner.
  102. The Company will collect all questions and post answers to those questions in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the website, on a frequent and periodic basis, such that all involved may benefit from all questions asked and not just the specific questions they may have personally asked.

Free White Paper
Learn about the EndGame Process

Get for no cost whatsoever, the outline of our process to educate yourself about the home buying process, the mortgage process, the real mortgage crisis and effective steps you can take to successfully seek redress.

Get our white paper today, learn about our Education and Participation process and begin taking positive steps to protect yourself.

Education Phase

Sample Listing of
the Course Materials

  1. 15 page Qualified Written Request (QWR). Our (QWR) has been legally accepted by all lenders and banks to whom it has been submitted.
  2. QWR submission procedures & instructions
  3. Forensic Audit report documents and instructions
  4. Filed "Instant Case" complaint
  5. Court documents filed to date
  6. 400+ page Affidavit which includes:
    • Control Fraud documentation
    • Control Fraud Analysis
    • Coverage from Appraisal to the multiple securitization of your mortgage
  7. 677 public record exhibits documenting all facts pertinent to the "Instant Case"
  8. Federal statutes governing mortgages
  9. Texas statutes governing mortgages
  10. Over 200 "MERS" public record exhibits
  11. Securitization process flow charts
  12. Over 2,000 research documents used to prepare the "Instant Case"
  13. Instructions on collecting and organizing your mortgage documents
  14. List of lesser legal remedies
  15. Instructions on how to chronologically exhaust your lesser legal remedies prior to complaint filing
  16. Treatise on the importance of "Common Points" and how they influence the structure and legal strategy of a lawsuit
  17. Summary of administrative and logistic policies and procedures for managing cases
  18. Historical summary of what we have objectively determined works and does not work in today’s environment

Participation Phase

Documentation Development

Upon successful completion of the Education Phase, you have obtained the knowledge to begin utilizing the tools we are using to prosecute the "Instant Case" court fight. The most important tools are the documentation of fraud and the calculation of your damages. We help you to correctly document the material inaccuracies, fraudulent statements, identify fraudulent signatures, invalid releases of liens and unrecorded transfers and assignments of the promissory note and Deed of Trust.

Litigation Participation

After completing your documentation, you have to make a choice. Are you willing to participate free of charge in a pool of potential litigants? From this pool of litigants, we at Mortgage Endgame will data mine and analyze the documents submitted for common points of interest and general trends.

Once we have identified these common points and trends, the analysis is submitted to legal counsel. Counsel then files the pleading in court to begin the litigation process.

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