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Welcome To Mortgage Endgame

The nearly 400 year old system of property deed recordation is under attack. As of 2011, 31 million active mortgages with their associated Chains of Title are in mortal jeopardy. You, as a borrower/homeowner, may likely be included in this number. It is time for you to become educated about this massive control fraud as the cause of your known and existing or unknown and soon to begin mortgage crisis.

The Problem

If you have a "Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS)" mortgage, your Chain of Title has likely been destroyed since your Note and Deed of Trust have been separated, converted to Bearer Paper and securitized multiple times to numerous undisclosed, unknown and Unrecorded buyers.

NOTE: (MERS) participation is typically found in Section E on Page 3 of your Deed of Trust. If not found in Section E you should find the (MERS) participation language in close proximity.

If (MERS) participation language is not found in your Deed of Trust, this does not mean you do not have a (MERS) mortgage since your originally closed mortgage may well have been entered into the (MERS) system at a later date without your awareness or knowledge. The existence of this possibility is determined during the analysis phase.

The Solution

The solution is to prosecute for Fraud in court by doing, in order, the following:

  1. Become educated, informed and prepared. Your educational process is comprised of the combination of our more than 11,000 pages of evidence, applicable to you, and your mortgage serving as the basis for your educational process and mortgage analysis

  2. Exhaust your lesser legal remedies by using the documents you are provided by download from mortgageendgame.com

  3. With Mortgage Endgame’s assistance and administrative guidance, analyze all pertinent mortgage documents for Statutory Violations, Fraud, County Filings, County Filing Omissions and Technical Errors

  4. Once qualified, voluntarily join the case for which the Common Points in your mortgage are a match

The one-time cost for the Education Program is $2000.00.
There is no cost for you to participate in the case.

The Mortgage Endgame process assists and guides you, at no cost, through each of the four (4) steps listed above.

The Solution Is NOT

  1. Short Sale
  2. Foreclosure Extension
  3. Refinance
  4. Loan Modification
  5. "Robo-signer Prosecution"

NOTE: If you elect to do any of the above, one of the first documents you will be required to sign is a "Release and Waiver of Right to Sue."

If this document is executed, you will give up all rights to sue for redress and damages for the fraud previously perpetrated against you by the parties to your present mortgage.

Become educated, arm yourself with knowledge, learn how to effectively use the necessary tools and bond with others of like mind to successfully fight back and win.

Before proceeding from this page, it is strongly recommended that you click on the "Are You Compromised?" icon on the right side of the third nav icon bar from the top. Follow the instructions listed to initially determine if your mortgage has been compromised by fraud.

Please click on the Membership Activation tab in the navigation bar above to learn the details about the Mortgage Endgame process.

Free White Paper
Learn about the
EndGame Process

Get for no cost whatsoever, the outline of our process to educate yourself about the home buying process, the mortgage process, the real mortgage crisis and effective steps you can take to successfully seek redress.

Get our white paper today, learn about our Education and Participation process and begin taking positive steps to protect yourself.

Participation Phase

Documentation Development

Upon successful completion of the Education Phase, you have obtained the knowledge to begin utilizing the tools we are using to prosecute the "Instant Case" court fight. The most important tools are the documentation of fraud and the calculation of your damages. We help you to correctly document the material inaccuracies, fraudulent statements, identify fraudulent signatures, invalid releases of liens and unrecorded transfers and assignments of the promissory note and Deed of Trust.

Litigation Participation

After completing your documentation, you have to make a choice. Are you willing to participate free of charge in a pool of potential litigants? From this pool of litigants, we at Mortgage Endgame will data mine and analyze the documents submitted for common points of interest and general trends.

Once we have identified these common points and trends, the analysis is submitted to legal counsel. Counsel then files the pleading in court to begin the litigation process.

© 2012. Mortgage Endgame. All Rights Reserved.

Mortgage Endgame is not an accounting or legal firm. Mortgage Endgame does not give accounting or legal advice in any way. Nothing contained on the Mortgage Endgame website should be misconstrued to the contrary.

Mortgage Endgame is a Member Organization. It is acknowledged by all parties that when an individual(s) purchase(s) the Education Program from Mortgage Endgame, the payment of that fee includes membership in Mortgage Endgame. ALL information contained in the private "Members Only" section of the Mortgage Endgame website is intended for the sole and exclusive use of members only. No unauthorized use is permitted.

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