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Qualified Written Request (QWR)


Before you can address your mortgage grievances in court, you must exhaust your lesser legal remedies. The first step in this process is to submit a Qualified Written Request.

Most do not have a thorough understanding of the importance of a QWR.

The QWR is authorized by Federal law and gives you the authority to demand answers to your questions and to demand the submission of supporting documents to you regarding your residential mortgage. In almost all cases, the homeowner is never aware of the existence of these supporting documents.

Mortgage Endgame has developed its Qualified Written Request over the last four years. A Qualified Written Request must meet certain legal requirements to be accepted as a legally compliant QWR. The fifteen page Mortgage Endgame QWR encompasses more than 400 questions and requests for documents and has been used by hundreds of people. To date, the Mortgage Endgame QWR has been accepted as legally qualified by all banking and mortgage institutions to whom the QWR has been submitted.

There are three expected results that will likely take place when the QWR response is received. One, the banking or mortgage institution should acknowledge the QWR as legally accepted. Two, the banking or mortgage institution will provide to you a very limited number of copies of documents you already possess. Three, the banking or mortgage institution will refuse to answer the questions asked in the QWR for an infinite number of superfluous reasons.

These reasons run the gamut from, "you have asked so many questions we cannot answer them" to "our dog ate your documents."

Why Are These Expected Results Meaningful?

One: This acknowledgement puts it in the public record that you did a good job and followed the law.

Two: The banking or mortgage institution is continuing to perpetrate the fraud against you by illegally refusing to provide all the documents you have a legal right to possess in order to determine what factually has been done to your mortgage.

Three: Same answer as Two above.

Conclusion: You have successfully begun the process of exhausting your lesser legal remedies. You are beginning to build the corroborated and submittable evidence file in preparation for going to court.

Mortgage Endgame has created an easy to use Microsoft Word template of the QWR for your use. To protect against viruses and to insure your ability to download the document, it has been archived into a ZIP file.

To Complete The QWR Generation And Filing Process:

Step 1: Click on the Checklist button below. Print out the Checklist for reference.

Step 2: Click on the QWR Form button below. When the File Download window appears, click on SAVE and save the QWR Form to your computer. By following the Checklist, complete the QWR Form. Print a hard copy of the completed QWR Form and mail in accordance with the Checklist.

Important: Make absolutely sure you copy and archive for safekeeping all documentation you generate, submit or receive!

You Are Now Done With this Step!

Important: You will be doing the QWR generation and filing process two (2) times. You will generate and file the same QWR, with the new appropriate date, two (2) weeks after you receive the response to your first QWR. This is done to preclude the banking or mortgage institution from claiming that they either did not receive or lost your QWR. This second filing should take place approximately ninety (90) days from the date of mailing of the first QWR. Make sure to make yourself a reminder!

Once you become a Member of Mortgage Endgame, you are granted immediate access to all the resources on this site. You will then have access to the QWR form and the required processing procedures checklist.

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Get our white paper today, learn about our Education and Participation process and begin taking positive steps to protect yourself.

Participation Phase

Documentation Development

Upon successful completion of the Education Phase, you have obtained the knowledge to begin utilizing the tools we are using to prosecute the "Instant Case" court fight. The most important tools are the documentation of fraud and the calculation of your damages. We help you to correctly document the material inaccuracies, fraudulent statements, identify fraudulent signatures, invalid releases of liens and unrecorded transfers and assignments of the promissory note and Deed of Trust.

Litigation Participation

After completing your documentation, you have to make a choice. Are you willing to participate free of charge in a pool of potential litigants? From this pool of litigants, we at Mortgage Endgame will data mine and analyze the documents submitted for common points of interest and general trends.

Once we have identified these common points and trends, the analysis is submitted to legal counsel. Counsel then files the pleading in court to begin the litigation process.

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Mortgage Endgame is not an accounting or legal firm. Mortgage Endgame does not give accounting or legal advice in any way. Nothing contained on the Mortgage Endgame website should be misconstrued to the contrary.

Mortgage Endgame is a Member Organization. It is acknowledged by all parties that when an individual(s) purchase(s) the Education Program from Mortgage Endgame, the payment of that fee includes membership in Mortgage Endgame. ALL information contained in the private "Members Only" section of the Mortgage Endgame website is intended for the sole and exclusive use of members only. No unauthorized use is permitted.

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