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These Nav Icons Are Member Accessible Only

Whistle Blower Evidence Downloads

There are many Exhibits in the Whistle Blower package. We have made it easy for you to download these Exhibits to your computer hard drive in an orderly manner. We recommend you have a minimum of 600 Megabytes of free space on your hard drive before you begin downloading any of these Exhibits. In addition, because of the size of the Whistle Blower Evidence Downloads, we do not support downloads when you are using a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Please check mark which Exhibits you wish to download. Once you press the "GET EXHIBITS" button, a download page will appear with active links for the Exhibits you have selected. These active links allow you to download the Exhibits you have check marked.

NOTE: After you have check marked the Exhibits you wish to download, you must first download those check marked Exhibits to your computer hard drive before you proceed to a subsequent page.

NOTE: If you have any problem with any particular download, send us an email at mytweets@mortgageendgame.com and we can make arrangements to send you the Exhibit directly on a CD-ROM for a modest fee.

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